My sister, my inspiration

My bro and my sis

A lot happened when my closest sister Pooja came to Delhi to her nani’s house. She had come to collect the fittjee scholarship she had gotten because of coming within the top 50 all over India in one of fittjee’s scholarship test.
It all started while Pooja, Sagar and me were sitting on the bed playing Uno. A thought occured to me of teasing her. So I simply asked her – what would be the probability of one us winning a cards game in which one and only one of the players win? Probability is topic in standard X and she was in standard XI. She immediately replied -1, while my bro kept thinking. I was impressed by her sharpness.
Then I asked them a few more probability questions (my favourite topic 😉 ) and she answered most of them! I was awe-struck. She had joint fiitjee coching in IX and had improved by leaps and bounds! No wonder she came within India’s top 50..
Meeting her made me feel ashamed of myself. How I had wasted my self. She had the determination of a winner. While I get very easily distracted (whenever I work that is). I do everything but study on the study table! Think about everything that’s not related to study. Every half-completed work that got left uncompleted for some reason has to be completed then. Every movie that I wished to see has to be seen then. What an ass-hole I am!


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