Talk about punctuality!!

This wednesday, working at Goldman Sachs, I got a call from Santa Fe. The guy asked me when I wanted him to bring my luggage to my house. I said Saturday (yesterday) around 10 am.

Yesterday, he reached here at 9:55. After everything was brought in and kept at the wanted places, he gave me a feedback form. And boy, the first question was :

Were we on time?

The options were :

a) on time b) 5 min late c) 10 min late d) 30 min late

and nothing after that. They DON’T HAVE a concept of getting late more than half an hour!!

Compare that to the Indian based relocation services. What options should their feedback forms have ?

How much late were we?

a) 1 day 2) 2 day 3) 1 week 4) 2 weeks 5) luggage lost in transit!


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