The point of living

You have been warned. These are random thoughts.

After a lot of self evaluation, (or by asking a 5 year old kid), one realizes that the point of living is just being happy.

“Don’t worry, be happy!”

But then, why us? Any one else could have been happy in our place.

One answer to this argument could be: Why bring about a change? You think you are special? Let the world be as it is. Our place in this world is to just live and let live.

Then I guess the answer is – it depends on what you want to be. Special or not so special. Do you want to bring about a change and maybe (not always) sacrifice your happiness (a.k.a. chill) ?

Hard core argument finding maniacs (spiritual gurus) could again point out “Beta, everyone is special” and maybe add it with “Every ant has a part to play in this world”.

I give up then.



Only yesterday I was having a discussion with Purnima on the way while escorting her to the station. How should you spend your life such that you have no regrets about it in your death bed?

I haven’t figured out the answer for myself yet.

I tend to try to achieve as much as possible. But why?

A part of the answer is my thirst for knowledge, my unending desire to make sure things work and another part is, I fear, to make others look up to me. But this again conflicts with my notion of not having a role model. Why do what others have done before? How does that make your life worthwhile? And by worthwhile I mean precious, non replaceable.

In other words, I tell myself it doesn’t matter what others think of me. But I it still does matter to me what others think.

As for the question what makes one life complete/worthwhile/not regrettable, will blog about it when the answer comes to me.