Using digiKam for managing photos.

Today I discovered one of the coolest softwares to manage photos from a digicam! The software’s name is digiKam.

The thing I liked the most about the software is the date view and the album view.

I own a Sony W70. It has 2 modes of connecting to the computer (both use the USB connecting cable provided with the camera). One is the “USB Mass Storage mode” and the other is the “PTP/IP Camera” mode. I asked my camera to show itself using the PTP.. mode (through the camera menu interface) and selected the import option in digiKam. Importing photos in digiKam really is easy.

After the photos get imported, in the date view all the photos show up in a cool chronological order. In the album view you can arrange the pics according to your preference. You can have albums, sub-albums, sub-sub-albums… in a folder tree fashion.

digiKam lets you resize, crop, rotate your images and apply simple color filters, adjust levels etc. It also has a cool feature of displaying the “EXIF” data of an image. That is basically information like focal length, digital zoom, exposure, ISO level and other details about the snap itself.